Solutions to Solve Every Day Problems

New Frontier Communications is dedicated to providing a world-class experience. Our industry knowledge, ongoing support and contract negotiations are backed by over 50 years of combined communications expertise. Our industry knowledge enables us to provide solutions that put your business in a position to compete in today’s marketplace. Ongoing support is critical in eliminating unexpected overages, keeping costs low, and providing you with a trusted advisor. We work with the carriers to negotiate the best rates and incentives to ensure that you stay within your budget. New Frontier Communications is about creating an exceptional experience throughout the sales process and beyond.

Wireless, Wireline, and More


As Authorized Business Representatives, we have the communication tools to make your company more agile in a competitive world.  We have been carefully chosen by our vendors because of our professionalism, expertise, and ability to execute their vision.


Our customers choose to do business with us because of our unwavering commitment to service their account.  This includes customizing solutions to solve their everyday problems while  negotiating the best rates available. 





Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 takes the office tools you are already familiar with and makes them accessible from virtually anywhere-PC, Mac, and select mobile devices.  Since Office 365 is hosted in the cloud, backed by a 99.99% SLA, you automatically receive the latest updates and reliability to professionally operate a business. 


Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides IT a comprehensive, scalable and reliable platform to centrally manage mobility across the enterprise.


MDM has proven to enhance productivity for remote professionals.

When you can remotely control the security policies of a smartphone, you can elliminate access to non productive applications such as Angry Birds or Facebook.

FleetSafer for Distracted Driving


Enforcing a mobile telephone policy is almost impossible.  All to often, employees sign the policy, go out into the field and begin using their phones to text, email, and make calls while driving company vehicles.  When this occurs, it could cost your company millions of dollars in lawsuits, wrecked vehicles, and lost labor.

With FleetSafer, you now have a solution to enforce your mobile telephone policy.  FleetSafer, detects your movement and activates when an employee gets to a predefined speed.  Once activated, FleetSafer locks your phone to distracted applications such as email, texting and enable via corded/bluetooth headsets. 

Advanced Wireless Forms


Save money and time with Advanced Wireless Forms.  Companies that have implemented wireless forms have realized savings from reduced paper, fuel consumption and clerical errors. 

Advanced Wireless Forms are easy to distribute and create.  You can distribute forms to almost any smartphone running Android, IOS and Windows.  Wireless Forms are easily created to mimick the information of your forms, along with signature and photo capture for the jobs your employees are working.